Pastoral Care

In times of illness, after the birth of a new baby, when we are searching for spiritual direction, in times of grief, when family strife or occupational woes come upon use – these are moments when we need our church family the most. We at Paw Creek Presbyterian Church want to provide comfort and support not only to the members of our congregation, but also to our neighbors.

Below is a listing of some of the ways we seek to carry out this important mission of our congregation. We do not want any situation known to the congregation to be neglected. If you are aware of someone in need of yard work, housework, childcare, or meal preparation, or just a friendly visit, we want to be of assistance.

  • Paw Creek has two-person visitation teams who stay in touch with the homebound, ill, and grieving members of our congregation. The teams make visits on a monthly or as-needed basis. Our pastor, the visitation teams, and other people within the congregation visit those who are hospitalized in our area’s hospitals.
  • A number of our members have volunteered to be part of the Paw Creek Presbyterian Church Prayer Chain – a network of people who share in prayer for those who are struggling with illness, marriage, or family problems, spiritual dilemmas, loss or grief, or other stress within their lives. NOTE: Before asking that someone else receive prayer, please get permission from that person or, where appropriate, a member of that person’s family.
  • Our pastor periodically conducts worship services at nursing homes and retirement centers in our area.
  • Our pastor is available to provide pastoral counseling to individuals, couples, and families on a one-time or ongoing basis. The pastor is dedicated to listening in depth, seeking understanding, and providing a secure framework for personal and spiritual growth. The pastor is also available to provide premarital counseling – whether you have set the date or not.