Healthcare Ministry

The Congregational Healthcare Ministry answers questions about doctor’s instructions, referrals to healthcare situations, assistance in researching care facilities, and a variety of other healthcare issues that you may be facing. If you are willing to be on the following list, please call Ann Cashion at (704) 301-0126 or e-mail her at                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

The following members have offered to drive you to a doctor’s appointment, to the drugstore for prescriptions, or to the grocery store on occasion when your regular assistant is unavailable. (You may have to try several numbers on the list before you reach someone who is available, and it is advisable to call as far in advance as possible.


Ann Cashion – (704) 301-0126

Donna Hall – (704) 399-6483

Anne Miller – (704) 392-2989

Dina Salvo – (704) 531-7350