Assignments for August 20, 2017


Count Team:

Leaders:  Gene Hall and Leslie Joy

Team:  Grady & Karen Cathey, Victoria Krebs, Tim Sudderth and Barbara Ullem                                                                                                                             Ushers:

Leader:  Peggy Harrington

Team: Stan & Belinda Springs, Andy Harrington and Peggy Harrington 




Danny McClure and Joy Tyler

East Wing

Teresa Painter  

West Wing

David Padgett




Visiting Teams – August:              Friends to be Visited:
Linda Riggins & Ann Cashion             Dave Reames
Susan Kenley & Toni Torrence            Joe Troutman
Gene & Donna Hall                            Jean Johnston 
Joyce & Leslie Joy                             Rennie Auten
Virginia Oates & Harold Staton          Bill Faust
Emily Adkins & Angie Ross                 Mary Frances Lail 
Grady & Karen Cathey                        Mike Johnson 
Frances Lyerly & Jane McArver           Richard Rumple
Margaret White & Judy Smith             Allen Wingate (&Laura)

Emily Adkins & Angie Ross

Bryce & Anne Moore, Anne Glasscock, Bob & Marie Love, Sue Love

Grady & Karen Cathey

Bertha Ellis, Mary Margaret Riggins, Marlene Thames,

Ralph & Harriet Underwood, Stella Whitlock


Crib Room

Joy Tyler 

Toddler Room

Tim Sudderth & Leslie Joy 
Prayer Team:
Donna & Gene Hall  

CD Delivery (Monday)

8/21   Linda Riggins