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Neighborhood School Children Gift Tree

This year we have families from Paw Creek, Tuckaseegee, River Oaks and Oakdale. 

There are 14 children. We provide gifts for all children in the home regardless of age or school attended. Parents complete a form of needs and desires. Each child has  6 separate tags. (3 clothing tags and 3 toy like tags) Each child gets a Bible as one of their gifts. The gifts are delivered on December 18 to the school for parent pick up.



Please choose a few tags.

Shop for your children.

Wrap each child’s gift.

Attach the original tag for proper delivery.

Return your gifts on or before December 15.


Got Questions? 

Call Gerri Ann Shaw 704 737 8138 


Make God bless you always.

Thank you 

Paw Creek Outreach Committee

The Reverend Gary Bryant Memorial Prayer Garden
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